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1. See Your True Amazon Profits

Instantly see how much profit you’re making on Amazon. Enter your product costs and see immediately in real-time your sales, profit, ROI, margins, promotion performance, and refunds by product or brand, by any date range.

2. Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback

Automate customer Review Request messages on Amazon with SellerMail. Offer better customer service, get more reviews, and get more seller feedback – automatically. Use pre-built templates or write your own emails and watch your brand grow.

3. Access Your Full Customer Database

Knowing full customer info is important when you sell things on Amazon. See a complete list of all your Amazon customers, including repeat buyers, anytime you want. Fully searchable and fully downloadable by SKU, date ranges, amount spent, refund status, and more.

4. Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

Every Amazon FBA business needs easy, transparent financial insight. Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns. See the real picture of your Amazon finances for any date range. See graphs to visually spot trends in your Amazon business so you can act to increase sales and profits.

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