alfea Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy, Silicone Pop it Fidget Toy Relieve Stress Autism Fidget Toys for Anxiety (Yellow, Green, Octagon)

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Brand: alfea
Manufacturer: alfea


      • Stress Reliever – If you obsessing over bubbles wrap, you will love this Pop it Fidget Toy. Great for someone who is stressed or just fidgety, can use it to stay focused and calm, or just simple to pass
      • time.pushed the raise bubbles down with your fingers. Once all of the Bubbles have been pressed, you can flip it over and play again on the other side.Game and fidget toy all in one!
      • Improve Kid’s Brain Power – this Pop It Game will keep kids brainstorming, play the games according to the rules or your own rules to challenge yourself OR quickly duel with opponents. Great for ADHD or a kiddo who is stressed, to keep them busy and let them calm down.
      • Safe and Durable – This Fidget Toy is made of high-quality silicone, which it is kids friendly, and not easy to break, durable and there are no pieces to loose.It’s a tactile and strategy game. Even if there is no one join in you, it’s fun to listen a slight popping sound, always make people feel comfortable.
      • Easy to Carry – The toy is easy to carry, 5 inches in diameter, and can be played whatever and wherever you go, such as offices, schools, parks and any place you want to carry. It is perfect carry-on games Game and fidget toy all in one – This Push Pop Pop Bubbles is enough for any and all ages, great for anxiety or just a fun game! And we will provide you a satisfied after-sales service, so if you have any problem with this product, please contact us in time, and we will happy to help you!

      Product description

      Why Choose Us?
      This pop it fidget toy is made of high quality silicone material, the push bubble sensory toy is bpa free, soft, comfortable, wear-resistant, durable, and can be repeatedly pressed for a long time.
      This push pop bubble sensory fidget toy can effectively relieve anxiety and stress by pressing and the popping sound it makes. It is ideal for people with autism, the elderly, children and adults
      who need to relieve stress.
      Just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound. Then flip it over and start again! It is reusable and washable.

      Material: Silicone, BPA free

      How to Play?
      2 Players, each player take turns to press one or more mice in a row which must be connected, those player with the last one mouse left will lose the game.

      Multiple Purpose
      Also could be used as a squeeze toy or a coaster if you want it to be.

      After Sale Service
      We offer 2 year guarantee for this product, if any problem, contact us via inbox message at any time to get a refund or free replacement.


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