alfea Popper Fidget Toy Purple,Fidget Pack with pop it, Square Fidget Toys Simple Dimple with Gift Box

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Brand: alfea
Manufacturer: alfea

Manufacturer Part Number:Z-02



  • ▼Never Ending Popping Bubble Wrap – This simple dimple fidget popper absolutely a great invention. You can play with this figets popets and you don’t have to worry about sound triggers for those around you! It makes a subtle yet pleasing sound when the buttons are pressed and is less distracting to you than many other popping fidget.
  • ▼Keeps Your Kids Busy for Hours – This push pop bubble sensory fidget toy is easy to carry,hold and cleanp.Push it in each dimple and then flip it over and do it again. Keeps your kids occupied in the car or while waiting at a restaurant for your food. This fidget pop it a little bigger rather than the circle one,so the players can play more convenient.
  • ▼A Good Stress-Buster to Pop –This fidget toys with pop it is a great way to relieve stress. If you have anxiety or work with autistic kids,this is a must have fidget toy for you. The pack of fidget toys are perfect for keeping their hands busy when it’s time to listen/focus or are seeking some sensory. It`s the easiest toy for healing. This popular fidget toys are full of possibilities, you can use your creativity to unlock new ways to play.
  • ▼The Perfect Gift for Your Kids –Have you thought about any gifts for your children for birthdays or Christmas? Then this is it. We have already thought of what you may need. The plastic bag packaging has become a past, pretty gift box looks even more pleased to the players. It saves you a sum of gift box packaging costs at the same time.
  • ▼You Deserve to Own – Each push pop it fidget has been tested before leaving the factory, so you don’t need to worry about the quality. Please let us know if there is any dissatisfied. We will reply you within 24h and give you the best solution.


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