ALFEA Exfoliating Feet Peel Mask Booties 2 Pack, Callus Remover, Moisturizing/Repair Rough Dry Cracked Heels, Treatment for Dead Skin & Foot Odor, Peeling Socks, Smooth Soft Baby Skin in 7 Days

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  • ❓ What is an Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask ⭐ A Foot Peeling Mask is a liquid Spa Sock Product meant to be applied on the feet. Each package comes with 2 Pairs of gel-filled plastic Booties which Dries, Detox, Exfoliate and Regenerate New Fresh & Healthy skin cells on the feet. The Best choice for Calluses removing, Repairing Dry Skin & Cracked Heels, Get rid of Foot Odor and Moisturize the Foot Skin!
  • ❓ How Does the Foot Mask Works ⭐ Simple! You soak your feet into the Foot Mask Booties, leave it for an hour and Enjoy New Baby Soft feet in a Week. The Foot Mask is filled with Fruit Acids Natural Ingredients which penetrate the Hard Dry skin and Exfoliate the Dead Skin by peeling off the Dead Cells and regenerate New Skin Cells making your feet Fresh , Smooth, Soft, New!
  • 🌱 Allisson Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask ⭐ Our Foot Peeling Mask Socks are one of the most high Effective Exfoliating Peeling Booties. All Natural Ingredients bringing out the Best Formula for the Perfect Exfoliation. Peels off Dead Skin and Callus Remover, Repair Cracked Rough Heels, Get rid of Foot Odor, Soft Baby Feet in 7 Days. Soft Touch, Smooth Skin, New Healthy Feet!
  • 🎁 Perfect Holidays Gift Idea ⭐ You can surprise your Family, Friends or Colleagues by giving them this Unexpected Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask as a Gift. Perfect Gift for Seasonal Periods.
  • 💰 100% Money Back Guarantee ⭐ Our Aim is to Provide the Top Quality Products in the Market, in Order to achieve the satisfaction of our Clients. This is why we are Providing a 100% Full Refund in case you are unhappy with our Foot Mask Product. Please let us know if so, to instantly return you 100% of your Money, No returns Needed.

Product description

Foot Exfoliation Peeling Mask

Peels Away Dead Skin and Calluses in 7 Days
Make Your feet Softer, Smoother, Cleaner, Healthier.

This Mask is Designed to Remove the Rough Skin and
Exfoliate the Dead Cells off your Feet.


  • Clean your Feet with Soap and Water for approximately 10 minutes, then dry.
    NOTE: For best results we recommend to keep your legs in warm water for 10-20 minutes before using the Mask.
  • Cut the Package along the line and Use immediately after opening.
    NOTE: Use the Stainless Steel Gift Scissors which can be found in the Box.
  • While wearing the Mask, you can wear Socks to move around the Area.
  • Remove the Mask off your Feet after 60-90 Minutes.
    NOTE: Wash your Feet until the liquid totally Rinse off.
  • Apply Lotion to moisturize your Feet. The dead Skin will Naturally start to Peel Away in 2-7 Days,
    NOTE: For best results we recommend to Soak your Feet in warm Water for 10 minutes every Day.
  • Allow the Dead Skin Cells to Peel off Naturally. Exfoliation can last up to 2 Weeks,
    depending on the amount of Dead Skin Cells on your Feet.
    NOTE: Do not forcibly remove Dead Skin, It can cause damage to Healthy Skin.


  • For external use Only
  • Do not use this Product if you are Pregnant or Nursing
  • Do not apply on Wounds or Damaged Skin
  • Do not use if you are Allergic to any of the Ingredients of the Product
  • Do not use if you are Diabetic, Consult with your Physician

Purified Water, Glycerol, Lactic Acid, Sodium Twelve Alkyl Propionate,
Rose Otto Oil, Aloe Essence, Glycyrrhizic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate,
Triethanolamine, Allantoin, Lavender Essential Oil. 


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